Tree Trail Guide

Tree Trail Guide

All the trees in our Tree Trail Guide, listed below, were planted circa 1980 and onwards at Glenwhan apart from the Shelter belt which was planted in 1979. Follow the Tree Trail Brown & Green signs. Each tree is numbered, but you might have to look round for next number!

Wellingtonia Sequoiadendron giganteum1.THE START

At entrance turn right up steps to. Betula  costata Larch.

2.Sequoia giganteum Giant Californian Redwood. By Summer house

3.Alnus subcordata Alder at corner of loch. Follow sign

4.Embothrium coccineum ‘pendula’  Chilean firebush. A rare weeping form > > 5.Aurucaria umbricata Monkey Puzzle, take right fork to:

6.Davidia involucrata  The Hankerchief Tree or Dove Tree. Looking dist

ndron arboreum. (Hymalayas) Giant tree on right. > > 9.Larix decidua  European larch. Here turn uphill to your left:

Caledonian pine - Pinus sylvestris, the seed for this tree came from original seed collected at Balmoral.10.Pinus sylvestris Scots Pine (Britain’s only native species)

11.Rhododendon sino-grande  The Largest leafed of the species from The Hymalayas.

12.Pinus armandii  Armand’s Pine from China. Again named after Pere David

13.Quercus cerris  The Turkey Oak. Very fast grower on right > > 14.Kalopanax picta  here go down hill > > 15.Eucalyptus rodwayii > > 16.Abies procera  > > 17.Ilex aurea ‘picta’ Holly.  Look left  down path, but continue to next left turn:

18.Liriodendron tulipa  Tulip Tree > > 19.Desfontenea spinosa from Chili looks like a holly! > > 20.Nothofagus obliqua  Roble  Beech > > 21.Sorbus scalarus  Cut leaved Rowan Mountain ash. China. > > 22.Fraxinusa Aurea  Golden Ash. See left ,then by loch take a right turn and continue up hill seeing:

23.Eucryphia cordifolia  from New Zealand covered in white flowers when out. > > 24.Ilex atkinsonii  Holly species ..look right:

25.Cornus kousa  Ornamental dogwood from Western USA. > > 26.Eucalptus niphophylla on your left by loch. > > 27.Embothrium longifolium ‘pendula’ the Chilean flame tree

Betula erminii28.Betula hergest  Special birch

29.Nothofagus dombeyii  Southern Beech  here take right fork walking upwards

30.Quercus canariensis  Canary Oak on your right

31.Beutla pendula ‘youngii’  Birch weeping  by seat, then continue to your right go through narrow bushy path

32.Sorbus Chinese Rowan right

33.Griselinia littoralis ‘Brodick’s Gold’  Variegated Griselinia

34.Liriodendron  Tulip Tree. > > 35.Fagus purpurea Purple Beech here look left, then continue right on grass. > > 36.Hoheria ‘Glory of Almwich’ on your left and > > 37.Eucalptus dalrypleana  at this point look down to Spruce on your right > > 38.Sitka Spruce grown from Cutting  turn up left onto hill > > 39.Fraxinus ornus  ash

40.Mixed Pines etc Cedrus brevifolia descend and turn left along woodland

Psuedolarix amabilis

41.Pseudopaanx lacteus – above. > >
42.Magnolia hypoleuca  one of the largest leaved magnolias from Japan coll. Roy Lancaster on your right hand. > >

44.Styrax obassia from Japan. > >
45.Styrax japonicus fargesii46.Betula potanninii From Hergest Croft Garden. (pictured on left) Turn left, turn, and then right until you reach the Wild Boar passing:

47.Hoheria ‘Glory of Almwich’ > > 48. Myrtus luma > > 49. Quercus acuta  Japanese black oak > > 50. Fagus sylvatica ‘Tricolour’ Variegated Beech > > 51.Sorbus chamaeespilus beautiful pink flowers > > 52.Helichysum hookeri  here keep wild boar on your left and then left up to major viewpoint seeing trees > > 53.Quercus cerris Turkey Oak > > 54.Picea smithiana  Spruce

55.Eucalyptus sturgessiana > > 56.Abies veitchii  This fir tree first discovered on Mt.Fujii. > > 57.Nothofagus solandri ‘cliffordioides’  mountain Beech, keep left > > 58.Abies delavayii Fir tree > > 59.Abies pindrow Fir > > 60.Abies spectabalis  Blue cone Himalayan fir > > 61.Caledonian Scots Pine from Deeside. Pinus sylvestris.

At Viewpoint: > > 62.Abies procera. You should be standing by Viewpoint. Follow round to left of Summerhouse. Continue down to slate Peace Pinnacle. But before see…

63.Griselinia ‘Bantry Bay’ variegated leaves NZ > > 64.Picea Ormorika  Serbian spruce > > 65.Sorbus Koeheniana Small ornamental Rowan tree white berries > > 66.Pinus monticola Pine > > 67.Sorbus arranensis endemic to the Isle of Arran > > 68.Griselinia littoralis ‘Bantry Bay’ New Zeland > > 69.Crinodendron hookerianum  The Chilean lantern tree. At Pinnacle turn left and left again down steps and then right hand down to:

70.Rhododendron cinnkeys  Hymalayan > > 71.Embothrium coccineum  Chilean firebush > > 72.Ilex dentata > > 73.Ilex yunnanensis from Bhutan small leaves on your left > > 73.Ilex  these hollies need sorting out! > > 74.Ilex dentata the Chestnut leaved holly > > 75.Ilex > > 76.Eurchyphia rostrevor  NZ > > 77.Cornus controversan lovely western USA Dogwood > > 78.Ilex aquifolium Variegata. Variegated holly > > 79.Grove of Eucalyptus. Australia’s Native Tree > > 80.Malus transitoria Crab ornamental on your right hand. At end of path turn left down to 50 pence seat seeing on left:

Eucryphia nymansay at Glenwhan Gardens.81.Prunus maackii Plum  not looking too well

the gales. Continue down hill right:

82.Metasequioia glyptoroides ‘Emerald Feathers’ surrounding 50 pence seat, then turn sharp right & sharp left up small hill

83.Eucryphia nymansay ‘nymanensis’   (pictured left) on your right

84.Parrotia persica and on up to hen run on your right

85.Pinus radiata. The Monterey pine (below) planted in 1981! From southern Californian. Note it’s growth!  This tree was used at Tresco, as shelter, but all blew down in

86.Abies procera right  > > 87.Pinus yunnanensis from China > > 88.Betula Maxowitziana Largest leaves of all the Birches, Here turn right > > 89.Drimys winteri ‘Latifolia’

> > 90.Fraxinus ‘pendula’ on your left

Montezuma Pine at Glenwhan Gardens & Arboretum, Galloway, Scotland91.Ilex pernyii  Holly take path on your right hand up to Viewpoint to seat and tree no 92


93. Turn down hill to

94.Magnolia ‘Star Wars’ and keep right hand passing

95.Ilex cammelifolia on your left

96. Prunus ‘Ballerina’  Japanese Cherry. Right, and then turn left up hillock to sculpture.  The next 4 trees are on the hill passing > > 97.Pinus sylvestris ‘Variegata’ Not showing much variation. > > 98.Abies procera > > 99.Stewartia pseudocamellia > > 100.Acer. ? Beautiful autumn colour, continue down small steps to: > > 101.Sorbus insigne rare Rowan tree.  On Left, bear right > > 102.Cappadopicum ‘Aurea’  Acer > > 103.Myrtus luma  reaching grassy path take right hand to:

104.Stewartia pseudocamellia retrace your steps: > >  105.Sempervirens wellingtonia on left > > 106.Chionathus virginicus > > 107.Zelkovia > > 108.Eucryphia rostrevor 1209. At fork on your right & go over to island:

109.Metasequoia  ‘Emerald feathers’ retrace steps & return left:

114.Ilex yunnanensis  then right: > > 115.Cupressus corneyiana from Bhutan here take left hand at fork then right: > > 116.Pinus wallichiana Bhutan Pine > > 117.Sciadopyllys verticum “Golden Rus”. Cross bridge and turn left through woodland:

118.Larix decidua. Japanese Larch > > 119.Rhododendron sinogrande > > 120. ? > > 121.Turn right onto grass path. > > 122.Athrotaxus laxilfolia on your right hand. > > 123.Cedrus deodar ‘Aureum’  Golden form see left across iris swamp.  Here continue & house is on your left, see:

Pinus Monticola on the Glenwhan Gardens' Tree Trail

Pinus monticola

124.Cedrela sinensis in private area. Then turn right down grass path, pass on left to:

125.Abies koreana Korean fir with lovely blue cones. Down slope turn right on Tree Trail

126.Pinus montezumae The Mexican Pine. Most Tender of all. Then wind up round and down to dell and down steps:

127.Acer griseum  Maple with lovely bark in dell then up steps cross drive to:

128.Picea breweriana  Weeping tree from the western seaboard of USA Unique to the Sisikyou co. California. Protected tree

sadly deceased

129.Trachycarpus fortunei  China, then look right to: 130.Hoheria ‘Glory of Almwich’

Well done, have a cup tea!